Nationals Park

So here I am at Nationals Park, a considerably nicer venue than when I saw the Nationals play at RFK about four years ago. It's my first new baseball venue of the year, but I still need to see six more teams play at home. Still, I'm glad to knock the number of ballparks I need to see down to about ten.

The game itself? Well, it's Halladay against the Nats, and that ain't really a fair fight. He did, though, come awfully close to a splintering bat that must have scared the entire organization and Phillie fan base. Who am I rooting for? Well, I usually go with the home team, plus I never have a problem rooting against a team from Philly....

Back to the game...


  1. Um, if you're in DC, shouldn't you be at the Caps/Rangers game?

    Watching the bottom of the 9th right now...

  2. ...and in honor of his birthday,TJ won the Presidential race...


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