Florida baseball

So here I am at Joe Robbie Stadium. Wait. No, it's Pro Player Stadium. Wrong again? Dolphin Stadium. Still wrong!? Land Shark Stadium?? Nope. I am in Sun Life Stadium. Yes, Sun Life Stadium. I had a great time here a few years ago at a Dolphins game (and, no, I don't recall the stadium's name at the time). From that game, I do recall a "J-E-T-S suck suck suck" chant going up after the Fish won late. The funny thing was, they weren't playing my second favorite football team...

I'm sitting 13 rows up behind home plate. The ticket was $37, which strikes me as insanely cheap given the price of tickets up at NY games.

Though it rained on and off today, it is sunny right now, and it appears the game will start on time. The opponent is the Reds, but I am simply following the dictates of that 7th-inning anthem and rooting for the home team...


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